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Who we are

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What we do

We are BTX Digital and provide a complete mix of solutions for creating your own Digital Bank. Our main virtual account management platform is available in white-label or via APIs, allowing any company to deploy digital banking solutions, virtual account services, card management and processing services and payment processing services, as well as various options exclusive Our operations range from global corporations, large retail companies, franchisors to educational institutions that use our platform to streamline their payment processes and generate new net revenues.


How it started

BTX Digital was founded in 2018 by an American group of entrepreneurs active in investment, real estate and technology operations. Fueled by this technological success, they found that the financial operations space needed to be democratized. This perception came to us after some time operating in receivables markets and credit rights investments. When the European Payment Services Directive (PSD1) disrupted the world of finance in November 2009, it compelled the industry to become more open and competitive: free from regulatory cravings, non-bank participants could finally thrive. In the wake of this regulation, BTX Digital was formed in 2018. From the outset, we were created to design legally, technically and commercially long-term partnerships with fintechs, banks and global corporations. In 2019, BTX Digital has introduced itself as the "Rebate Company": a controversial statement these days, as most FinTechs aimed to destroy the banking sector. Despite the apprehension and general competitiveness, we signed our first partnership with a Chinese Bank. Today, we are partnering with several banks and technology and service companies that we can not even mention. How our solutions benefit our customers One of our goals is to enable companies to focus on their brands and products and explore new territories, as well as easily segment new categories of customers. Our ultra versatile card is used to facilitate payroll, expenses and purchasing management. We also empower FinTechs by facilitating the rapid launch of innovative payment tools for niche groups. Our motto: "Strong launch and a great experience for the customer" We work with a large team of facilities that have identified hotspots they want to solve urgently and help them capture new net revenues in the process, leveraging the entire multi-channel platform. Our strong approach focused on your business allows us to offer customers a quick time to market, offering a complete turnkey solution tailored to business needs. We are globally connected to banks, processors, card embossers and other payment and financial ecosystem depositors, and we provide management services - which allows us to offer a complete solution for both corporate and consumer payment programs.

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