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Corporate Bank

Digital Bank with the name of your company!

A company generates, on average, revenues for banks that go from 6% to 21% of its gross revenue. Be it in tariffs, down payment of receivables up to salary advances. Banks also get a good share of what goes into their employees and suppliers. BTX Digital has a solution for you to get all these recipes and more.I want to know more

Main features

  • Digital Bank with: Current Account, Balance, Extract.
  • Interbank and Interbank Transfers
  • Magnetic card
  • POS machine
  • ATM for service
  • Various Languages
  • Apps: iOS, Android, and more
  • BTX Channel
  • BTX Partners
  • Instant Payment

Ideal solution for:

Retail Networks

Companies focused on the final consumer and with great capillarity in the market.

Religious Groups

Churches, mosques and congregations with an expressive number of religious.

Big brands

Companies with great relevance in the market with more than 10 thousand employees.

Social movements

Groups and social movements of class with any segment of action.

Want to know more?

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  • Digital Bank with your brand
  • +100 services for your account holders
  • Complete infrastructure

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